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How Goku black was created- 3 Facts Exposed

Goku black

Well to be honest Goku black was easily the most POWERFULL villain our heroes faced in the current scenario of dragon ball super but how Goku black was created can be a little confusing for new Fans.

Goku and Vegeta in their prime were beaten 3 times by Goku Black and Zamasu before future trunks destroyed the body of Fused Zamasu (Fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu of alternate timeline).

So we cannot deny the fact that Goku Black was very strong.

But how in the world did he got so much power because we all know when he fought Goku for the first time i.e in the present times, Goku Black was evenly matched with Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 form, and all fighters including future Trunks thought, Goku can easily defeat black.

But that was never the case.

So the question arises how Zamasu got Goku’s body and Goku Black became so powerful in little to no time?

And the answer to it is not very straightforward

So we will try to get our brain cells going with some Locical fan theories to address this change.

Let’s start from the beginning 

How did zamasu become goku black

How Goku black was created

Well, we all know Goku black is actually zamasu (a Kai of universe 10) in the body of Goku.

BUT didn’t Beerus destroyed Zamasu when he was trying to eliminate the supreme kai of universe 10?

then how Goku black was created?

Yes, of course, Beerus did that and it prevented present zamasu to become Goku black

However, this was not the case in the future timeline or the alternate reality of a future timeline, in that future, Zamasu did kill Gowasu (supreme Kai of the 10th universe) to become the supreme kai of that universe.

He did this for a couple of reasons, firstly he wanted no distractions for his plan of Project Zero mortal, and second, he wanted to use Time Ring which can be only used by supreme kai.

Goku Black's Time Ring

Once Zamasu was done with the onslaught, he went to Zuno and asked him for the precise locations of super dragon balls.

After that, he collected all the super dragon balls and summoned the dragon for a wish to ‘swap his body with the body of a Saiyan named Goku from universe 7’

Now that Zamasu has Goku’s body, he went to earth and killed Goku and his family in that timeline.

And when he attacked the earth of future Trunk’s timeline, people started to call him – GOKU BLACK.

But wait, didn’t Goku died of a heart virus in the future trunk’s timeline, then how zamasu swapped body with him, and if zamasu is Goku black then how in the world there was another zamasu?

Well, these are common questions that can pop in your head, and don’t worry these were my questions too.

How there were two zamasu in the future trunks timeline

Goku black and Zamasu

Now answer to this is very simple yet complex, the Zamasu who swapped bodies with Goku was not from the Future Trunk’s timeline.

Once he became Goku Black, he went to future Trunk’s timeline using the Time Ring and he killed Gowasu to become allies with Zamasu of future Trunk’s timeline.

Then Goku Black explained zamasu about the complete scenario and the Project zero mortal.

After that, they collected super Dragon balls to wish for an indestructible body for the Zamasu of Future Trunk’s timeline, then waited for one more year to wish for the death of all deities in the entire multiverse of that timeline. before attacking the Earth.

And this is why we had two zamasu in the Goku Balck arc.

Now that we know how the creation of Goku black took place, let’s address the elephant in the room.

How did Goku black get stronger?

Goku vs Goku black

Zamasu stole the body of a Saiyan without having any idea how a Saiyan’s body functions. So he was not able to tap into the ultimate potential of Goku’s body as he was never pushed to his limits.

Until he followed future Trunks and fought Goku of the current timeline and this is why Goku Black was so weak during this fight.

But as we all know- a Saiyan’s body becomes stronger after every battle, there are no limits to Saiyan cells.

When zamasu aka Goku Black realized this phenomenon of Saiyan’s body he knew he can tap into the ultimate potentials of Goku’s body.

So when Vegeta and Goku arrived along with future Trunks, he was prepared and was well aware that the only outcome this battle can bring for him was an even stronger body and so we fans saw Super Saiyan Rose for the first time.

From there on he kept becoming stronger and kept learning about the body of a Saiyan.

Then at last he fused with the Zamasu to mix his invincibility with the power of Goku’s body.

And this is how Goku black kept getting stronger until trunk’s destroyed his body and The Omni king erased his soul.

Now before wrapping up, let’s address the obvious question that every dragon ball fan had after DBS ended.

Is Goku Black Stronger than Jiren?

Goku black vs Jiren

And the straight answer to this question is – NO


Goku black may seem unsurmountable at that time, but in reality, he is just an imposter who has stolen the body of a Saiyan with little to no training and wisdom to tap into its ultimate potential,

Goku Black was only able to use a fraction of power and had no idea about the true potentials of the body he stole.

It was the duo of Goku Black and Invincibility of zamasu which made the task look unsurmountable and adding to that you can just assume the power difference between Vegeta and Goku before Tournament of power.

Whereas Jiren is a different beast altogether, strongest among all in universe 11, even stronger than Belmod.

And remember Vegeta blue evolution or even Goku’s ultra instinct had little to no chance against Jiren.

So the answer is obvious, Jiren is way stronger than Goku Black, but we never know about the abilities of a Saiyan’s body.

Well, that’s all for this article, thanks for tuning.

Have a good day

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