How Goku Escaped Planet Namek

This one is the most confusing of all the heroics of Goku and in fact, after the Namek explosion king kai himself told Goku is dead.

So for us fans, there was no hope of Goku surviving the planet’s namek explosion.

On the other hand

Bulma and other Namekians were on the earth waiting for the Namekian dragon ball to be activated. They wanted to wish Goku and others who died.

But king Kai alarmed everyone about the fatal consequences of wishing Goku and Krillin back to life.

He said – “Goku and Krillin died on planet Namek which is oblivion as we speak, so if they will be wished back directly their body will be back on planet Namek (which does not exist now). That means they will be back on outer space, resulting in a quick death again”

So Bulma had to make two wishes i.e firstly Goku and Krillin should be wished back to earth’s hell room (someplace in the afterworld) then they should wish them back to earth.

After 6 months, Nameekian dragon balls were ready to summon Porunga.

Bulma asked Dende to tell Porunga about her wishes.

Then we fans came to know that- the one called Goku is still alive.

porunga in earth

But how in the world Goku Escaped the Planet Namek explosion.

How did Goku not die on Namek?

If we recall the last time that we saw Goku on the exploding planet Namek, he was trying to operate a damaged spaceship to abort the planet.

But the ship was too damaged and stopped functioning after some time and Goku was seen falling into the lava of planet namek.

Goku Escaped Planet Namek

But later we came to know that Goku while falling towards lava spotted a Saiyan space pod (or Frieza force space pod)  seconds before the explosion of the planet Namek.

He quickly hopped onto the Saiyan space pod and punched some random coordinates and was able to leave the planet Namek seconds before it exploded.

Goku ended up landing on planet yardrat.

And this is how he survived the planet Namek explosion.

What episode does Goku return from Namek?

Goku returned to planet earth in the Future trunks saga of dragon ball z episode number 121 aired on September 7, 2000 (English). The episode was named ‘Welcome back Goku’.

How long did it take Goku to get back to Earth from Namek?

There is no exact officially mentioned timeframe but according to Akira Toriyama, it takes 130 Namekian days to revive Namekian dragon balls i.e roughly 6 months on earth and they used it twice in the episodes so 1 year passed here, after that in the manga it was mentioned one year passed from the time New Planet Namek was created. So we can assume Goku came back to earth after 2 years of planet Namek explosion.

How did Frieza survive namek?

Frieza’s race can survive in space without air. so after the Namek explosion, he was in pieces when his father’s force rescued his body from outer space, then they completed his body with mechanical parts as some part of his body was obliterated in the blast and this is how Frieza survived Namek and mechanical Frieza came into existence.

How did Goku get to namek?

Goku went to Namek along with Bulma and Krillin in a Spacecraft created by Bulma’s father.

Where does Goku go after Namek explodes?

As Goku punched some random coordinate in the space pod in desperation to leave Planet Namek as soon as possible, his space pod ended up landing on a planet named Yardart.

How long was Goku away from Earth after Namek?

Goku was away for roughly 2 years after the explosion of planet Namek.

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