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How grandpa Gohan died in Dragon ball

ALL the OG fans of dragon ball universe will already know how close was Goku to his Grandfather.

From the very first episode of dragon ball, it was established that grandpa Gohan raised Goku and he was killed by some mysterious monster and Goku use to keep a 4-star dragon ball as his Only memory.

Goku used to believe that the 4-star ball was his grandpa until Bulma explained to Goku about the originality of dragon balls.

And the adventure of Goku and Bulma to hunt the dragon ball begin

Goku and Bulma in Dragon ball

We fans never saw Grandpa Gohan but soon it was clear that grandpa Gohan was not just any ordinary man.

we came to know that master Roshi trained him and the Ox-King was his fellow pupil which kept us Fans wondering what kind of training he might have passed to Goku.

Still, it remained a mystery of exactly how he died.

Goku as ape

It was only in episode 13 when Goku turned into a giant ape after seeing the Full Moon and destroyed the palace of emperor pilaf, Bulma, Yamcha, and others realized that the monster who killed Goku’s grandpa was non-other than Goku himself.

But they decided not to tell this to Goku as hearing this will break his innocent heart.

Later when asked about the Full moon, Goku did tell everyone that his grandpa told him to never look at the full moon which made it clear that Grandpa Gohan knew about Goku turning into a giant ape.

So it was obvious that he survived a few of Goku’s destruction but it was Goku who crushed his grandpa and killed him.

However, it was never told to him by anyone as no one wanted to break his heart.

But it was until Goku fought Vegeta in the Dragon Ball Z Saiyan saga and saw him transforming into a giant ape, he realized everything and concluded that it was him who turned into a giant ape and crushed his grandfather.

Knowing this he immediately looked up and apologized to his grandpa.

But all these incidents left us fans with a few questions in mind which I will answer here

How old was Goku when Grandpa Gohan died?

How grandpa gohan died in Dragon ball

Well, there are not many resources that can give us the exact age of Goku when his grandpa died but after doing some digging we can actually guess his age.

Are you ready?

So Goku was 3 when grandpa Gohan found him, then as the story says he raised him and also trained him which can easily take 5-6 years.

One day he gave Goku a 4-star dragon ball which was confirmed in dragon ball episode 76 that Gohan had this ball for many years and it also became clear that Bulma was the first to meet Goku for the dragon ball and at that time Goku was 11 ( one year before the world marshal art Tournament ).

Now as Bulma was told by Goku that he kept the dragon ball as the last memory of his grandpa, the fact that he was so well sorted with the living routine shows that it has been quite some time of him living alone in the woods.

So we can guess that Goku perhaps be 8-9 years old when his grandpa died

Does Goku ever see Grandpa Gohan again?

How grandpa gohan died in Dragon ball

Yes, when Goku destroyed The Red Ribbon Army and collected 6 dragon balls he was not able to locate the last remaining dragon ball using dragon radar.

So master roshi suggested they visit the fortune-telling baba and ask her for the location of the last dragon ball.

But when they went there they had to fight 5 of her fighter before she could help Goku and others.

But it was in episode 76 of dragon ball when everyone was stunned when the last fighter shooted a Kamehameha wave and surprise surprise it was none other than grandpa Gohan who was fighting Goku with a mask.

And when Goku saw grandpa Gohan, oh Boy! He literally jumped on him and started crying.

It was a very emotional moment and even I couldn’t help my tears.

Goku meets grandpa gohan

But the question here is – how this was even possible?

So here we fans came to know about the real power of fortune-telling baba that she can bring back anyone from the afterlife for one day and as she already knows Goku and his friend are coming to pay a visit, she called grandpa Gohan as per his request.

Why did Goku not revive Grandpa Gohan?

Grandpa Gohan was actually very concerned about Goku and he only came from the afterlife to remind him about the weakness of his tail and once he saw that Goku is now a pupil of his master Roshi his all concerns were put to rest.

Grandpa gohan and goku

And when asked about the offer to be resurrected using the dragon balls, grandpa Gohan refused and told everyone that he is really happy in the afterworld and he thinks he has no role to play here.

He sarcastically said that he also has lots of lady friends waiting for him there.

So this is why Grandpa Gohan was never revived.

Well, guys, I think that’s probably everything there is to know about how Grandpa Gohan died.

Hope you found it informative and if you did, do share this with your friends or with other fans like you waiting in the Facebook groups for the answer.

Until we meet again next time – have a nice day my friend

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