How Krillin Got His Hair Back
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#1 Secret on How Krillin Got His Hair Back?

If you are trying to know how Krillin got his hair back, let me tell you this, you might be a little surprised to know but Krillin has one of the finest hairlines in the entire dragon ball series.

He was never bald or had hair loss issues.

In the events of OG dragon ball, when we saw Krillin for the first time at Kame House, he was bald, and being a 13-year-old it’s hard to believe that he lost all his hair so early in his life.

When asked about his hair, he replied – “everyone who aspires to be a Martial artist must shave 

their head in order to unleash their Ki properly

He also exclaimed- Can’t you see Master Roshi, Goku?” and Roshi being Roshi, replied – “I am naturally Bald Boy

Making Krillin and his ideology a total flop in the eyes of Goku.

Actually, he was previously training with Shaolin monks, and being bald was compulsory for every monk trying to learn Martial Art.

So Krillin started to shave his head from the early part of his fact, he uses wax to keep himself bald.

He did all this to focus on his martial art training.

But in the latter half of dragon ball Z and the early most part of dragon ball super we saw Krillin with hair which was a big shock for most of the fans including me.

Even though most of us knew about his training with Shaolin monks and his ideology for being bald, we never saw him with hairs, until the Cell games saga ended.

I mean that’s the time when he found the love of his life, Android 18, and decided to settle down from being a martial artist to a loving husband.

Which meant he didn’t need to follow the protocol of being bald.

And all these events resulted in Krillin Looking a charmer in his new hairstyle.

And for the record, Krillin was never a natural Blady.

So to search about how killing got his hair back is not appropriate rather you might want to know more about why did Krillin go bald in the first place.

Why did Krillin go bald?

When krillin Meet Goku

As I briefly mentioned, prior to meeting Marter roshi, Krillin was undergoing monastic training with Shaolin Monks in China.

Everyone over there was taught about the importance of being bald during their training period.

So from the early stage of his life, Krillin formed a belief that “ if you want to be a good martial artist, you must keep yourself bald”

His beliefs strengthened when he came to know about Master Roshi and the fact he kept himself bald (but he was bald naturally instead).

His idealogy for being bald became so prominent that he even started using wax to keep his head bald and shinny.

And these beliefs are the reason for Krillin being bald for the major arcs for dragon ball, dragon ball z, and in fact in the latter half of dragon ball super.

Ok now you know why he remained bald but what about those 6 stars on his head?

Do they represent dragon balls?

Let’s know more about it.

why does Krillin have dots on his head?

why does krillin have dots on his head

The six dots that you see on his head actually are moxibustion burns made by the teachers in the monk template. To represent his origin from Shaolin monk temple.

In fact, when we saw Krillin’s batchmates during the twenty-first martial art tournament, they all had moxibustion burns on their head representing their origin from the Shaolin monk template.

Does Krillin wear a wig?

Krillin never wears a wig in the entire dragon ball franchise. I mean why would he wear a wig when he has a better hairline than Vegeta.
He is not bald naturally and has ample hair in his head, so when he stopped shaving his head having dense hair on his head was a natural process.
So for the record, Krillin does not wear a wig.

Does Krillin ever go bald again?

Yes, in the events of dragon ball super, when Goku asked Krillin to participate in the Tournament of Power. He had to practice martial art again and according to his ideology, one must keep their head shaved when practicing a martial art. Hence we saw Krillin going bald again in dragon ball super and probably we will see him doing this again in the future, before a fight or a battle. 

How Krillin Got His Hair Back – Conclusion

So I hope, know you know how Krillin got his hair back and it was a natural process rather than wearing a wig or some magic.

If you got some knowledge on the topic do share it on Facebook groups for other fellow dragon ball fans to know about this topic.

anyways it was a pleasure having you here.

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