Why did king piccolo kill Shenron

From the first appearance of the tambourine in dragon ball, we all came to know about king piccolo and his deeds.

He was collecting dragon balls for a wish to restore his youthfulness and get back to his prime.

But if he wants a wish from the dragon then Why did king piccolo kill Shenron in the first place

King piccolo was projected formidable by Master roshi to everyone.

Evil Containment wave on king piccolo

As per master roshi killing, piccolo was not an option, and the only way he can be defeated was by sealing him in a jar using a technique called evil containment wave.

Master Mutaito teacher of Master Roshi, performed this technique at the cost of his life, and as master roshi was the last and only man who show this technique first hand, He was the only hope to perfect and perform this technique again.

So they started collecting dragon balls before king piccolo gets his hand on them to stop him from restoring his youth.

And when finally Roshi and piccolo meet on the battlefield, Master roshi tried performing the evil containment wave and died.

King Piccolo vs Master Roshi

After the fall of Master Roshi, King piccolo had all the dragon balls to summon the eternal dragon for a wish.

Even though there was tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu they failed to prevail over king piccolo to summon the dragon for a wish to restore his youth.

As soon as king piccolo was granted a wish to be restored to his prime.

He shot a laser beam from his mouth at Shenron and destroying him into pieces, resulting in the conversion of all dragon balls into stones

And as king piccolo has already taken care of all his enemies he killed the eternal dragon so no one could summon the dragon for a stupid wish and hinder his conquest of ruling planet earth.

Once he killed Shenron he started his mission with his youthful hands.

How does Shenron come back to life in dragon ball?

Once Goku was done killing king piccolo he went back to Korin Tower to get answers for how to revive his friends.

Goku kills king piccolo

Korin told Goku about kami and we came to know about the creator of the eternal dragon Shenron.

Korin showed Goku a way to reach the kami lookout which was situated right above the korin tower and using Goku’s power pole he reached kami lookout where he meet Mr popo

goku meets kami

After some spar with Mr popo which took place for some days, Kami decided to show himself.

Goku asked kami to revive the eternal dragon Shenron

Initially, kami refused saying, dragon balls were created to inlight hope in humans bull all the people who collect dragon balls use them for their selfish desire and it was Goku who first to use them to help others (revive Bora).so there was still hope for humanity.

But Goku insisted Kami to bring back dragon to life so that he can revive his friends killed by king piccolo and his minions.

Kami said he can revive the eternal dragon only if Goku agrees to stay in kami’s lookout for the next 3 years and train to fight against piccolo junior.

Goku agreed.

Then kami instructed Mr.Popo to bring a broken stone figure of Shenron and fix it.

Shenron come back to life

Once Mr.Popo glued the figure, Kami used a finger beam to bring back the dragon to life.

Once the eternal dragon was resurrected all the dragon balls also became active.

Which were used to bring back Krillin, Master Roshi, and Chiaotzu back to life.

So this is how Shenron come back to life in dragon ball after king piccolo killed him

What episode does Piccolo kill Shenron?

It was episode 110 of dragon ball where piccolo killed the eternal dragon Shenron.

The episode was named ‘piccolo closes in’ and was first aired on May 4, 1988.

is king piccolo stronger than shenron?

No, as Shenron has just granted a wish he was weak and vulnerable for that moment, if King piccolo would have attacked him earlier scenario might differ.

Why did king piccolo kill Shenron – Conclusion

In my opinion, old king piccolo does not want to give any opening to his opponents.

as dragon balls can grant any wish and I will be active after one year of him making the wish, there is a possibility that Goku or matter of fact anyone can collect dragon balls and can ask of any wish that can hamper the rampage of king piccolo.

that can be the primary reason for him killing the eternal dragon Shenron.

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