Goku came to earth

Why Goku came to earth from planet Vegeta

It is no mystery that Goku is not an earthling but rather an alien creature whose race resembles the human race called Saiyans, Goku came to earth to earth in a space pod at the age of 3 to destroy the planet earth.

Saiyans are a Strength dominant residence of planet Vegeta and had only one passion and Job – Fighting (ahmm! Spartans) 

They were known as a Fighter race and mostly planet pirates.

Their Work was simple 

  • To send troops to a planet 
  • Destroy everything and every sign of life
  • Trade planet for money in the galactic market.

Depending on the power level of the planet residents Saiyans send their warriors to destroy life forms i.e if a planet has more powerful beings, elite Saiyan warriors will be assigned to that mission and vice versa.

why Goku came to earth

But if Saiyans are planet pirates then why was Kakarot aka Goku was sent to earth as a child?

Well, Raditz (elder brother of Kakarot) did answer it in the Saiyan saga of dragon ball z.

He said  – “ as the planet earth’s average power level was 3 a Saiyan child was sent to this planet in a space pod to clear lives on earth “

Raditz believed that on the night of the full moon Kakarot would have turned into a great ape and could have easily destroyed earth’s livelihood.

But he was surprised to see that Goku had no tail.

Raditz’s information about Kakarot’s arrival on earth was logical but was contradicting to the information from the movie – Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku.

Where we came to know that Goku was sent to earth to protect his life from the imminent destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Fans say this movie is non-canon and has nothing to do with the incidents of dragon ball z but some fans are not ready to believe that the child who made them fall in love with his innocence and strength was initially sent to destroy the earth.

So what’s the answer – why was Goku send to the planet earth?

Well, Goku Fans you will have to be disappointed because Raditz was right.

Bardock movie is indeed non-canon and Raditz was right.

it was proved in episode 16 from dragon ball z that Goku was sent to obliterate earth’s lifeforce as we saw the space pod on which Goku arrived enchanting “ Kakarot, wake-up destroy the planet “ on the night of the full moon.

Which triggered Gohan to turn into a great ape and go berserk which was then controlled by Piccolo Jr by destroying the moon and removing his tail.

Gohan tail removed

So all and all we can say Raditz was right and Goku indeed came from planet Vegeta on a mission to destroy the earth.

Now, even though I have made it clear -why and how Goku came to earth?

But still, there will be some questions in the mind of the new dragon ball who have not seen OG dragon ball yet.

Which I will be answering now.

Who found Goku on Earth?

When Goku was sent to earth he was just a child and his space pod landed in a forest where grandpa Gohan spotted him along with a space pod.

Grandpa Gohan saw a baby with a tail crying and decided to adopt him and gave him a name – Goku.

Initially, Goku was very aggressive and hard to control but one day while returning from the forest they meet an accident where Goku fell from the mountain and landed head first which lead Goku to a serious injury and memory loss and from then onwards he became a very loving and cheerful child as his grandpa.

Goku meets raditz

Later on, these incidents were confirmed by master Roshi when Raditz arrived to pay a visit to Goku on kame house.

Which further poofs that Goku was not sent to earth with friendly intentions.

How old was Goku when he was sent to Earth?

Goku was just a child when he was sent to the earth.

His exact age has not been mentioned properly in the series but if we do some math we will come to a conclusion that Goku was 3 when he was sent to earth.

Goku arrives at earth

Why did Bardock send Goku to Earth?

Well as I said before it was definitely not Bardock who sent Goku to the planet earth in the arc of dragon ball z.

But in the Movie – Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku.

Planet Vegeta was on the cusp of destruction and Bardock has to protect his family and land (at least try to)

So he along with his wife Gine decided to find a planet with a low power rating and send their newly born baby Kakarot before the planet Vegeta meets its fate.

bardock sends goku to earth

They thought their son is safe on that planet and they will somehow escape the Frieza army and get to their son in few years, which we all know, never happened.

And this is how grandpa Gohan found Goku and the dragon ball begins.

So that’s all I have for you to inform in this article. I hope you got your answers and got some new insight on our hero’s from dragon ball.

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Until we meet in the next episode of dragon ball.

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